Natural Dye Easter Eggs

April 2, 2010 at 7:04 pm | Posted in GFCF, Recipes | 2 Comments
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by Shannon Penrod

Sometimes I have great ideas, other times they are just mediocre, and on occassion they are just big hairy losers. This week I decided to make natural dye Easter Eggs. Verdict: mostly big hairy loser with elements of mediocrity.

The mission: create colorful easter eggs using only edible natural elements to achieve the goal.

The method: boiling the eggs with vinegar and a color element. Blueberries for blue, beet juice for pink, spinach for green and turmeric for yellow.

The result: The turmeric eggs were beautiful, the blueberry eggs were gruesome, the beet eggs were bland and the spinach eggs just looked dirty!

But it was a well intentioned idea – and the yellow eggs were beautiful!

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