GFCF Green Eggs & Ham (Eggless)

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by Shannon Penrod

Okay, so one of the big things I hear from parents all the time is that it’s too hard to be GFCF once your kid goes to school.  There is too much peer pressure to look the same and eat the same, there are too many food related things to keep up with, etc…

I choose to look at it in a different way.  For me this is an opportunity to teach my son about the wonders of being different and how okay that it is.  If he had a peanut allergy it would be non-negotiable and the world would just accept that he can’t eat the same.  My reality is if my son eats gluten he becomes a stimming mess and stops speaking, eggs he gets a 100_5110rash, artificial colors and he becomes hyperactive, sugar and he behaves and smells like a drunk.  So I consider his diet non-negotiable and try to have fun being creative with it – this mindset makes it fun, even when I’m forced to scramble.  Which is what I did last night trying to figure out what I was going to send for “Green Eggs and Ham” day.

When in doubt I always get out that Namaste Sugar-Free Pizza Crust mix, last night was no different.  I grated about 1/4 c of zucchini skin into it, next time I’m going to use broccoli (although the zucchini worked great). I added about a cup of the pizza crust mix and enough water to make a loose dough. (Add the water slowly)  I heated canola oil in  a heavy pan and spooned lumps of dough in. This is how we make biscuits.  I have used beets before to color them pink. 

Shape the dough to make the egg shape.  Flip when lightly brown.  When both sides are crisp drain on a paper plate.  Cut both ends off of a cucumber and use them for green yokes.  Slice Shelton’s All Natural Gluten Free Chicken of Turkey hot dogs thinly for ham!

I asked Jem how they went over at school.  He said they tasted good.  I asked if his friends thought they were green eggs – he said no, they thought they were cucumbers.  I said did they think they were cool.  He said no, but that he thought they were cool.  I’m sure the older he gets the harder it will get;  but I’m not going to trade his ability to function to make him look like he fits in. In the meantime we are having fun being creative!

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