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The big joke in my family is that I can make anything out of Namaste
Foods Sugar-Free Pizza Crust mix.  It’s kind of true.  I make bread sticks out of it, I make biscuits, next week for Dr. Suess’ Birthday I will make green eggs and ham out of it (my kid can’t eat eggs, ham or green food coloring but with a little creativity and Namaste, I’m good!) It occurred to me that if I could make some crazy good things with a Namaste product maybe other people are making crazy good things too!  Turns out that the folks over at Namaste Foods were having the same thought at the same time.  SO the GFCF Namaste Recipe Challenge was born!  We want to know what fabulous creations you are cooking up using Namaste Foods mixes! 

Have you got a kickin’ cookie recipe using the brownie mix or a totally scrumptious shrimp scampi and pasta bake using the  Taco Shells Pasta Meal?  We want to hear from you!  Create a winning recipe and you can win a $50 gift certificate for Namaste products and your recipe will be featured in the NEW Namaste Foods Cookbook!   Here are the particulars of the contest:

Prizes will be awarded to the best recipe in the three following categories:

1. Entrée – this is anything you would serve as the main course of a meal.
2. Dessert – tasty treats ranging from a Birthday cake, to a brownie and beyond
3. Everything else – this could be a side dish, a snack or even a dog biscuit!  Anything goes in this category.
Contestants must create a fabulous recipe in one of these categories using one of more Namaste Foods products.

To Enter:
1. Clearly write the ingredients and instructions to your recipe and email it to
2. Be sure to include your email address, name and address as well as your phone #.
3. Attach a photo or your finished recipe
4. In the subject line type the category your recipe should be judged in. (entrée, dessert, everything else)
5. Tell us in 100 words or less who you make this recipe for and why they love it!

Submission will be accepted until  April 15th.  Winners will be notified by May 1st.
Winning recipes will be featured in the New Namaste Foods cook book.  All entries will become the property of Namaste Foods and could be featured in upcoming cook books, recipe cards or on line.

Have an idea and getting ready to step into your kitchen to test drive it?  Namaste would like you to enjoy a 15% discount of their products ordered from their website.  Visit fill your shopping cart and enter promo code 50014 to receive 15% off of products.  Please note that the 15% reduction is for product only and cannot be applied to shipping costs.  Namaste Products are also available in stores such as Whole Foods Markets.  You can find a store close to you by visiting the store locator at .  The promo code is only applicable to products purchased via


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