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  1. Thanks for your blog! I found you via your video on pink lemonade on youtube. We have been modified Feingold for almost 2 years now and are on our way to grain-free, sugar-free, yeast-free, dairy-free as well.

    Hope you will stop by and visit us!

    My daughter is not diagnosed on the spectrum, though we still have our suspicions. She is diagnosed with PANDAS (and prior to that a lot of things- ADD, OCD, SPD, Tourette’s….) but we are seeing much improvement with diet changes!

    Glad to hear it is also helping your son.


  2. i have a sugar intolerance i cant have any form of sugar at all that includes simulated sugar i need a sugar free pizza crust recipee please


    There are a few recipes on this site that don’t appear to have any sugar or sugar substitute in them…and I even found you a link for a sugar free pre-made mix that is also gluten*wheat*soy*nuts*potato*dairy*casein-free according to the label.
    Best of luck with it!

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