Blood Orange Popsicles and Other GFCF Summer Goodies

July 11, 2011 at 10:59 pm | Posted in Birthday Parties, GFCF, Recipes, YUM | 1 Comment
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by Shannon Penrod

It all started last year when the PTA decided to hand out blue ice pops on field day…with no warning or heads up to desperate parents like me who are not feeding their kids sugar or food coloring.  The worst part is I had specifically asked if they were serving anything and was assured they weren’t.  Some well-meaning parent donated them at the last second.  Really?  Feeding an entire school of children blue lake No 5oo bizzillion and artificial food coloring is your way of “pitching in”?  Well, I’d say it’s likely that parent and I aren’t going to be close friends.  This year I knew it was coming and I was prepared.

I bought BPA free popsicle molds at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  With my coupon I think they were $7 for 6 of them.  Not bad!  Then I went to the farmer’s market and bought fruit that was in season and ripe and organic.  The first go round it was nectarines, peaches, and blood oranges.  Over the 4th it was raspberries, watermelon, white peaches and blueberries.  This week I added plums.  The blood oranges add major red coloring that is yummy and attractive.  I cut the fruit up in small pieces – the nectarines I cooked down on a low heat.  I mixed the cooked fruit with the chopped fruit, add the juice of one tiny blood orange and then mixed in lemon essence seltzer water.  Then I froze them in the popsicle forms.  They were a huge hit and tasty too!

Now my son loves to put the fruit in himself and we have fun coming up with different combos.  Try them they are easy, cheap and yummy!

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