GFCF Kale Chips??? Say What?

May 2, 2011 at 10:43 pm | Posted in GFCF, Recipes | 4 Comments
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By Shannon Penrod

Recently I got some fabulous Pumpkin Chips at Whole Foods Market.  The faintly resemble potato chips, but they are sweeter and have fewer calories.  I mentioned them to someone at work and the fact that there were lots of other chips displayed as well, carrot, pineapple, and even jack fruit.  She mentioned kale chips and how fabulous they are.  I  had never heard of such a thing.  She assured me they were great, but expensive.  Saying expensive is a relative thing.  Don’t you agree?  I thought the pumpkin chips were expensive at $4.99 for a small bag, so I was thinking the kale chips were about the same.  Not even close. $14.99 for a bag of kale chips.  Now that’s expensive.

So I set out on a quest to make them myself.  There were a lot of recipes on line, but many of them had things my family doesn’t eat.  Yeast extract….um no thanks.  Eventually I just decided to wing it.  I made 3 separate batches.  The first batch I wisked olive oil lemon juice and salt in a big bowl and thoroughly coated a batch of curly leaf kale.  Then I baked them on parchment paper in 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes.  They were really tangy, a little too tangy.

The next batch I tried just drizzling a little olive oil over the tops and sprinkling salt.  Those were pretty good.  The last batch I did flat leaf kale and I put nothing on them.  I cooked them too long so the got too charred.  I think 5-8 minutes is all they need.  In the future I plan on doing the flat leaf and just drizzling a little olive oil and a little lemon over them – maybe some garlic powder.  Ummmm tasty!


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  1. Hi, I just found your website from your posts about Namaste Pizza Mix on FB. I am so excited to find someone else following the strict diet that my husband and son are following!! We are gluten free, casein free, yeast free, mostly soy free, mostly bean free, mostly organic, artificial colors free. In addition, my husband cannot eat nuts or seeds. I do not know anyone else who follows this restrictive of a diet strictly, so I am anxious to read some more of your posts! I use exclusively Namaste flour blend. I have not tried the pizza dough mix. Is it yeast free?

    • The pizza mix is yeast free and sugar free! It is so versatile I literally use it for everything. I combined it and some of their pancake mix the other day and made hot dog buns. I use it to make pretzels, as a coating for chicken nuggets – it’s really a staple for my kitchen. Did you try the Kale chips? I can’t seem to eat enough of them!

  2. SO glad to read your ideas! We were diagnosed only last month at age 8 with AS and started GFCF stuff in the last two weeks. Seems overwhelming sometimes. We are living overseas where everything has to be prepared from scratch anyway, but don’t have access to alternative flours/grains or store-bought products. Loved your veggie advice. Going to try it tomorrow! Just your phrase ‘I am here to help.’ made my day. Thank you!

    • Good for you Kim! I’d love to hear how the GFCF is going for you.

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