A Visit to the Mustard Seed

July 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm | Posted in GFCF, Staples, YUM | 1 Comment
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by Shannon Penrod

Traveling can be challenging when you have a child on a special diet.  A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were going to be doing some traveling this summer and I had called ahead to find a store that would have my son’s staple items.  I got incredibly lucky when I located The Mustard Seed.  The employees were so helpful on the phone, prior to the trip, letting us know what they carried normally and what they would be able to special order for us.

I am happy to report that the service we got in person was even better!  We had a great time visiting The Mustard Seed.  Jem enjoyed playing with the turtle displayed in the water feature in the front of the store;  I had a great time checking  out the bulk items on the side of the store, and Daddy watched as they made a fresh batch of cashew butter – YUM!  More importantly we were able to leave with the essentials that got us through our stay!

Our reality is that we can’t just go to the local grocery store and pick up whatever we need.  We need something a little more specialized and for this trip The Mustard Seed in Oswego, NY did the trick.  This weekend we are off to Saratoga – I’ll let you know how we fare there!  We weren’t able to find anything gluten-free at the Sterling Renaissance Faire, I’m hopeful that the track in Saratoga will offer a gluten-free breakfast!  I have a feeling I’m pipe dreaming.

GFCF with Barrie Silberberg

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You’ve heard some of the other parents talking about the GFCF diet and you’ve considered putting one or more of your kids on it.  You may have even tried it for an hour…or a week..but it all seems so overwhelming and expensive, not to mention the battle that happens when you try to take away your kid’s milk, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets! Who wants to do that when there is no guarantee that it will help?  If this is you, you need to listen to this week’s show.  Barrie Silberberg, author of The Autism and ADHD Diet, will be our special guest.  She’s got great tips on how to make living on the GFCF diet easy.  Doubting already?  You won’t ever know if you don’t listen in.

Barrie’s also got information about other dietary interventions that might make the difference in your child’s ability to learn and socialize.  You don’t have to learn how to be on the GFCF diet from scratch.  Barrie Silberberg is an expert at making the diet doable for every family.  Even if you still think giving the diet a try isn’t worth it, do your child a favor and listen in to this show.  Hear the stories of how this diet has changed our kids; hear how easy it can be and then decide.  What do you have to loose? www.toginet.com  2pm Pacific, 11am Eastern.

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